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Hi everyone! This is Cristiana, founder of the Arts wide open project. I am a 25-year-old Italian-born doctoral researcher living in Munich, Germany. My main research field is sociolinguistics, a sub-discipline of linguistics dealing with what I find to be some of the most thrilling questions ever, e. g.: what do languages tell us about the way societies work? How do the participant of a language community use language as a way to define their group identity? How are certain social and cultural practices expressed through language? You can get a glimpse of my PhD project here (EN) and here (DE).

What triggered me to start working on my own research project is an inborn thirst for discovery. I have always been eager to get to know new people and cultures by learning new languages. Besides to Italian and German, I speak English, Russian and Hebrew on a daily basis. I also am a fluent speaker of Spanish and French – which is nothing extra for an Italian, admittedly. Besides, I have been learning Latin, Ancient Greek, Portuguese, Tatar, Dutch, Amharic, Mongolian and Turkish. The next languages on my to learn-list are Arabic, Korean and Rumanian. During some field research in Russia, I have even discovered a language variety unknown to most of the European scholarship! I will reveal more about my discoveries on this website.

Alongside languages, I am extremely captivated with art in its many forms. During my last research stay in Israel between November 2019 and February 2020, I shared an apartment with an incredibly talented visual artist in Yaffo (Tel Aviv). The long talks about arts and literature we used to have, as well as being able to observe her artistic practice from close up, had a very vivifying effect on me. That’s why, in November 2019, I started an Instagram page called @arts_wideopen about inspiring artwork that I came across at several places – be it museums, art galleries, artists’ studios or wherever else. At some point I grew unsatisfied with its format, since I wanted to extend my posts to general reflections about art, culture, language and what excites me. Very often, while carrying out my research about Russian-speaking migration in Israel and Germany, I get to listen to the life stories of special people which trigger some considerations that I would like to share with a broader public and that require more space than Instagram has to offer. So here it is, my Arts wide open project!

Rashid Johnson, Untitled (Anxious Men 1), 2015 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art, February 2020

Why did I name it Arts wide open? It is sort of a pun: to me, art is something one should embrace with their arms wide open, i. e. with curiosity and a dash of critical thinking. That’s the best way to appreciate any form of art to its fullest and feel an existential bond to it. At the same time, I do not focus on only one kind of art, but rather seek to find the beauty and significance of all art’s manifestations – whether it’s visual, material, musical, textual at large or whatever other form of art I may come across.

Why do I call it a project? Because, in many ways, I see Arts wide open similarly to a research project. I am searching for stories worth sharing and beauty worth revealing.


Published by artswideopen

Hey there! I'm Cristiana Lucchetti, a 26-year-old Italian living in Munich. I am currently doing my PhD in Linguistics at LMU Munich. I love art, literature and generally discovering new cultures through languages. Discover more about my research project:

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