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I’m Cristiana Lucchetti, a 25-year-old Italian living in Munich. Currently doing my PhD in Slavic Linguistics at LMU Munich.

Arts wide open

Embracing art in all of its forms

I am an adventurous sociolinguist always looking for new projects to undertake and languages to master.

I was born a researcher, continuously searching for stories worth sharing and beauty worth revealing.

I love art, literature and discovering new cultures through languages.

My research trips are a constant source of personal and academic inspiration, bringing me to a lot of stunning places and allowing me to meet very special human beings. Here on Arts wide open, you will get to see some insights into my research and my passions.

My research projects

I am currently researching the linguistic and cultural practices of Russian-speaking migrant communities in Israel and Germany. Discover more about my PhD project

I have also been doing research in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia), discovering its language minorities and cultural peculiarities.

Stay tuned for more thrilling projects to come!

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