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Boris Karafelov. Majestic Love

Potrebbe essere un'illustrazione
Boris Karafelov, Majestic Love, 2014.
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Boris Karafelov is an Israeli painter living in Ma’ale Adumim. He was born in 1946 in Tashkent and immigrated to Israel in 1990 with his wife, the famous writer Dina Rubina. Karafelov engages in figurative painting, whose touch slightly reminds me of Chagall and even of Fauvist art. He also deals with religious topics and has been defined as “one of the masters of contemporary Jewish painting”. 
I adore the way in which the light falls on the figures in the painting and the warm embrace it creates between the man and the woman. Karafelov’s female subjects – including his own wife – own a particularly sensual warmth, which they yet seem to struggle to control, evoking such conflicts as spirituality vs. sensuality and expressive freedom vs. self-control. Especially this latter aspect offers an unignorable insight into the (now post-)Soviet background of the painter.

«Ну улыбнись, я хочу поцеловать тебя в улыбку!»
– “Smile for me, I want to kiss you on your smile” Dina Rubina, “When will it snow?”.


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